Diagnostic Services

Conveyor Belt Splice

100% Piece Of Mind

Digital X-Ray is one of the most valuable diagnostic tools for conveyor applications. Anomalies within the splice can be easily detected and corrected eliminating risk and costly plant down time due to splice failure.

Our Technicians are qualified, experienced and licensed with the relevant state radiation health authorities.

We provide digital radiography and analysis of steel cord, fabric and solid woven conveyor belt splices.

Our reports can be compiled to suit your site or insurance requirements. VeyTech’s interactive reports can be viewed and downloaded from our website, using a unique customer login

Using state-of-the art digital X-ray equipment Veytech is able to take X-ray images of a specific area or full belt splice for damage evaluation. Splice quality assurance is a large part of our business. Our experience and documented procedures allow us to provide you with the combination of splice QA and digital X-ray giving Assurance and total accountability.

Ultrasonic Belt Thickness Testing

Using state-of-the art equipment, our trained and qualified technicians can accurately measure the cover thickness of steel cord, fabric and solid woven conveyor belts. Our equipment uses an Ultrasonic Probe to accurately measure the thickness of rubber from the steel cord and fabric layer. With the cover profiles data collected, Veytech can provide a cover life prediction allowing for forward planning.

Shaft, Pulley and Geometric Alignment Systems

Veytech specialises in precision shaft alignment and we offer our services throughout Australia with a 100% client satisfaction guarantee on quality, reliability and effective functionality. We provide our services with the highest standards in quality and perform regular calibration of all our equipment to ensure optimal functionality and precision.
At Veytech, we use state-of-the art equipment and the most advanced technology to carry out our services giving you the best possible results. Services we offer include:

  • Laser alignment
  • Industrial machinery alignment
  • Mining applications
  • Actual shaft positions
  • Precision shaft alignment
  • Conveyor alignment

Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis identifies your rotating equipment problems before they fail. Vibration Analysis identifies bearing failures and a significant amount of other rotating equipment problems before they become disasters. It is the best practice for monitoring rotating equipment to assure potential failure detection before it happens.
Vibration Analysis can identify and locate problems that might not be able to be identified in any other manner. Additionally, vibration data collection can be done remotely to gather data and monitor machine health continuously.

Vibration Monitoring Services:

Audits - We'll assess your plant and give recommendations and requirements.

Vibration Monitoring Service - Routine data collection, analysis and reporting.

Vibration Analysis - You collect the data and we will analyse it and report back our findings.

Trouble shoots - One-off diagnosis and analysis of machine vibration problems.

Commissioning - A full vibration monitoring report prior to plant handover and acceptance.

Balancing - We can balance machinery in-situ.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging finds problems before they occur so you can maintain safety by avoiding equipment failure and electrical fires.

Every business should include thermal imaging as part of their maintenance prevention plan. In fact, many insurance companies require it.

We provide thermography scans that deliver the data you can rely on. Infrared thermography (or thermal imaging) is a reliable, cost effective and highly efficient way of predicting a variety of fault conditions before they happen. It’s a technique that saves time, money and lives.

By quickly scanning an object using an infrared camera, a trained operator can easily detect abnormal surface temperatures. These can then be recorded and reported to you so that preventative action, or careful monitoring, can be undertaken before equipment fails resulting in costly unscheduled downtime and repairs.

We provide industry-leading service using state-of-the art equipment that is regularly calibrated, coupled with highly detailed reporting and experienced technicians. No matter what your industry, we can help you... Our experience in inspecting rotating and electrical equipment is extensive.

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