Conveyor Products

Belt Demagnetisation System

The FLUXRITE belt demagnetisation system is the first permanently installed non-contact belt demagnetisation system for steel cord belt.

The objective of the FLUXRITE belt demagnetisation system is to reduce strong pockets of magnetic flux that occur in the splices of steel cord conveyor belts. The system comprises of several conditioning heads placed below the carry side of the belt that normalises, then attenuates the magnetic flux eliminating costly false trips of the tramp metal detector.

As the magnetised splices pass over the system the demagnetising process takes place reducing the magnetic flux to well below the levels that cause the tramp metal detectors to trip the conveyor.

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Belt Tracking & Alignment

The Sure Align Tracker design provides superior performance with positive results.
The tracker has a unique dual pivoting design mounted to the clean side of the belt giving excellent co-efficient of friction between the steering roller and the belt, immediately correcting the alignment of the conveyor belt.
The point of difference is that the steering roller works on the clean side of the belt. The guide rollers can be set to a pre-determined track line of the belt if required.
All installation instructions and drawings can be provided.

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Ceramics & Composite Liners

VeyTech Engineered Wear Protection Systems have partnered with a leading manufacturer of alumina ceramic abrasion resistant products.
With our in-house capabilities of DEM modelling & reverse engineering, this partnership allows us to supply a quality product and a turnkey solution for your application.
Our highly skilled service team can install and monitor a range of wear protection systems across your operations.

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Idlers & Rollers

VeyTech can design and manufactrure “heavy duty” idlers and rollers for impact zones and heavy tension areas where high failure rates occur.
These idlers and rollers have designed & engineered bearing housings and shafts complete with SKF seals and bearings to give superior performance and longevity.
Impact idlers have autoclaved natural or FRAS rubber with soft design edges and are cylindrically ground to guarantee smooth and balanced operation with the integrity of the rubber. The result is improved wear life and performance reducing down-time due to idler and roller failures.

Impact Beds

Impact beds can be designed and manufactured to suit your conveyors, chutes and production requirements.
These impact beds can be DEM modelled to ensure the design integrity for your loading points. Consideration will be given to the chute design to achieve the best soft flow loading. When tonnage increase is required, this style of impact bed is essential. Design and manufacture of this product are carried out locally to Australian Standards, therefore lead times are reduced to suit shutdowns with minimal disruption to your plant.

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Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belts new and used can be sourced and supplied to your specifications.

VeyTech will endeavour to meet or surpass your needs whilst reducing costs.
New and used belt can be sourced from several suppliers striving to obtain best pricing and availability.

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